Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Inspirations for Moms

This is mama with her first baby. See the love in her. She was in her glory. I was reminded of this photo after I found such a nice blog today. It's called Nursery Love. You can find it at http://www.nurseryloveblog.blogspot.com/ From one mom to another this hit me right in the heart. This woman has a passion for her family, one of the greatest earthly gifts from God only second to our salvation. Strong families are a gift to this world. The next generation is in our hands, so it's up to us to give them what they need, to be the best they can be. I am reaping the blessings of my labor now. I'm still a mom to two children at home, two married daughters one of which has made me a NANA to three adorable grandsons! Double the fun and blessings of having your children! And no, I don't wish that I had them first! I wouldn't have been the same person I am now anyway. It is great being a mom, just even better being a nana! Like a double dip of ice cream is always better than a single! More sweetness, more love, more hugs and kisses! Someone once said to my daughter, my what a big task you have been entrusted with raising sons. Three men, for the next generation. That is a huge responsibility and challenge. Leaders, providers, father's of the next generation. I have faith in God and in them that they will do their job well. They have the Lord, they have each other, and they have God's Word. By the way, children do come with an instruction book. I look forward to the years ahead, watching them grow into little men. I feel the same for little girls. I'm am so blessed watching my daughter be a mom. What a reward. Also, my mama, ma-maw to my children and now grandchildren is reaping her blessings when talking to her great grandson almost every week. Jack loves to talk to "the ma-maw" and tell her what he has been up to. You see, she lives over 1200 miles away from Jack and he's only seen her once, but he adores her. His mom is doing something right!

So, I'm excited to meet more moms doing wonderful things and loving their children and husbands. I love this little give-a-way on Nursery Love's site and hope I win because I want that little crayon roll up from http://www.babysewpretty.etsy.com/ for my oldest grandson Jackson. He will love using it with the new write and sketch journal that we make for our etsy shop at http://www.javagirls.etsy.com/ . Also, for you ladies that just love your husbands you may want to check out our journals themed "Letter's for My Husband". We are currently out because of the Valentines Day rush, but we will be posting another one very soon!
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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words about me, my blog, and my giveaway!

    Also, fyi... the link to your shop that you have on this post is bad, the it should have the Java first and etsy last. :)

    Thanks again, you are sweet! I hope you win too!

  2. I checked out your shop and I'm loving it! Your notebooks are great!

  3. Great blog - and inspirational! I'm going to become a follower. Please come on over to mine too! Giveaway tomorrow!

  4. Inspirational! What a sweet picture!