Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm sorry I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks. It's been a little crazy here and a little busy with JavaGirls, which is a very good thing, and my body is deciding to take a break, even if I don't want to myself. I'm going for some tests and meeting some new doctors, and trusting the Lord in it all. As I sat down tonight to write, I got a IM from a childhood friend. Her dad is in the hospital and is not doing well. Their family is going through a deep valley right now, yet I know they will not walk it alone. They have a faith in Jesus Christ and they have friends. This wondereful man and his wife were my parents best friends. They were the kind of friends that you knew you could count on. They were the kind of friends that could just show up at your door and you were thrilled to see. They were the kind of friends that all you had to do was put on a pot of coffee, and you sat and talked for hours! They were the kind of friends that you had such a good time with that you laughed and smiled all the way home thinking of the things that were said. They were the kind of friends that you missed so much when they were gone, but you were so glad that you had known them. These kind of friends only come along once in a while in life. I think they are special gifts straight from Heaven and God Himself. They teach us so much and nourish our souls. They refresh us everytime we are together. They are special.
So, please pray for "Odie" . That is not his official name, but it's the name that his close friends called him. He was "Mr. Odie" to all us kids, and we love him so.
If you have a friendship like this, call them up, have a cup of coffee, remember good times, enjoy a laugh or two, and count yourself blessed. Time and distance will never matter with these friends.
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  1. Great post about the value of friendship!
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  2. Friends like that come along so rarely - they are valued. Praying for Odie - ♥

  3. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. That coffee looks amazing! Thank you for the lovely post! WE're glad your back and will be praying for Odie!

  5. To all who have prayed for Mr. Odie I have an update. He has been moved to a rehab facility. They have changed his meds and it has improved a lot. He is much more himself. Weak and still recovering but, much better! His family is so happy to have things turn around and have quality time with him! God is good. All the time! Thank you for praying!

  6. Hi MamaCooker, I will still keep Odie in my parayers.

    I really enjoy your blog!