Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My baby is growing up!

This summer our youngest child's only wish for her vacation was to ride horses at her uncle's farm. God allowed that to happen and she was one happy girl! Her love for horses had to come from the Lord because it didn't come from her mom! I have a lot of respect
(aka fear) for those big creatures. It did bless my heart to see her wish come true and to see the joy in her face. Our baby girl is growing up too fast. In fact, she is going into Jr. High this year! My how the time has flown. I remember when my first child entered Jr. High.  It was way different for me as a mom. It was uncharted territory. I worried and fretted over everything. This time is different though. Not only am I worrying less, but I am actually enjoying the experience. She went off today to the mall shopping with her friend, getting  necessities like crazy socks, nail polish and such! Watching her leave just made me realize what a difference time and wisdom has made in me as a mom. God has shown me that truly "...all things work together for good" Romans 8:28.  He has taught me to "Be still and know that I am God"Psalm 46:10. He has encouraged me that "I can do all
things through Christ, which strengtheneth me" Philippians 4:13.  He has led me to "Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not unto mine own understanding"  Proverbs 3:5 many times over!  I'm sure there will be many moments in these next six years to put it all into practice and I hope to remember the lessons learned over the years with our other three children. This one thing I know, "children are an heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward" Psalm 127:3
My husband and I have been greatly rewarded and are thankful to be blessed with our family. Families help us to grow closer to God and to gain wisdom if we allow God to teach us. 
I pray that you enjoy the rest of your summer and cherish every moment you have with your family. Count your blessings, and remember what great things the Lord has done for you and also the great things that he has taught you.  

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  1. Thank you for the sweet picture of how time keeps flying along, but how the Lord keeps teaching us good things about rearing our children for Him. The little things don't seem so big anymore and the mercies of the Lord keep us going! Love you, friend!

  2. Thanks and love you too. God is good. All the Time.