Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Sweet Love Story

This week marks the anniversary of mama and daddy's
wedding. It will be 62 years ago that they said "I Do"
to each other. They had such a sweet and humble start.
Daddy was living in Arkansas with his sister and her
family at the time. He and a friend began going to a little
country church in town, and that is where they met my mama and her sister. They double dated, went to church together, and eventually both couples married. Mama and Daddy had a simple little wedding. They didn't even get any photos.They were married in the preacher's house. Her dad and my dad's brother-in-law were their witnesses. Her mom and the rest of the family stayed home to prepare a big meal to celebrate. After the meal, they boarded a bus with all their belongings, which were not a lot. A few gifts from family, some seeds to start a garden, a little money from her dad, and a whole lot of love. They moved to Mississippi. That was where my dad was from. It was there they started their life together, a farmer and his bride. They worked hard, very hard. They worked side by side through it all. She was his help meet. Mama helped with the farming in any way she could. In the early years she chopped weeds, picked cotton, planted her own garden, canned, and did anything she could to provide for her family. Daddy worked from sun up till sun down. Making a living for his family while making a life was what he did. In the later years, daddy gained more farm equipment, and I can remember going to the fields to take daddy lunch, which was peas, or beans, in a quart jar and cornbread or biscuits, and a lot of iced tea, and of course, coffee. We would sit under a big shade tree and eat lunch with him while he took a break from plowing, picking or whatever he was doing. Home was a place of comfort and joy for all that came to visit. It was full of fun, laughter, good food, and a place to rest. We loved having relatives come. They were loved in their community as well. They shared whatever they had, be it tomatoes, corn, peas, or whatever. That's what you did back then. You worked hard, you helped your neighbor, and you loved your family. Through the years they gained family, friends, land, a home, and a happy life. They loved God, they loved their neighbors, and God blessed them. Simple and beautiful, just like God intended. So, when life gets you down, remember the simple things in life are the best. Less complicated with room for others and room for more love. It's a sweet way to let your love story grow.

Marriage is so much more than the wedding. It's the commitment to work together. It's commitment to building a life with someone that you choose to love. Through thick and thin, for better for worse, in sickness and in health. No matter how you start, what counts is how you finish. Daddy went home to Heaven almost 20 years ago. Mama has been amazing. She is still going strong, and if it wasn't for the arthritis, she would be running circles around all of us! Daddy would be proud of her. He would say "you're doing real good, Sugar".
Till next time,


  1. That is a sweet sweet story, thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for sharing..anyone can have a marriage but it takes a lifetime of choosing the love and work together to have a marriage :)

  3. oops that was meant to be anyone can have a wedding...sorry :P

  4. Aww what a lovely story! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!!